HALAA, and welcome to Salt City Steamfest!

2014 Salt City Steamfest
I am Ambassador Mika‘il Al Omain, and I bid you welcome to this Grand Adventure that awaits you. Salt City Steamfest is a Steampunk Convention unlike any other. It is a multi-cultural steampunk experience based in a Mediterranean/Moroccan setting. The City sits along the main trade routes between Europe and Asia and sees visitors from all cultures; Victorian, Arabian, East Indian, and more. Airship captains, sky pirates, mercenaries, lone wanderers and adventurers all make their way to the City seeking fortune and adventure. Will you be one of them?

Previous conventions have seen panels on a variety of various topics, from writing and publishing steampunk literature to creating and developing your steampunk persona to Victorian etiquette and more. Artists have displayed their artwork, and vendors have sold their creations. There have been fashion shows for the aesthetically minded and Nerf battles with Nerf weapons available for rent.

Image by Vladmir Chopin

Image by Vladmir Chopin

There have been performances from musical guests such as Montague Fromage, The Uprising of the Gin Rebellion, Unwoman, and Vernian Process.

And with all of this, there is also the Immersion Content. The staff has worked hard to produce an immersive environment where visitors may interact with the denizens of the City. You may take on quests and assignments (in a Live Action Role Play format) to uncover mysteries, solve problems and influence the state of the City itself. Last year’s adventurers were responsible for saving the City from an invading steampunk cyborg army. The heroes of this conflict have had their names inscribed forever in the history records of the City. Are YOU intrepid enough to join them?

Salt City Steamfest 2014 is measuring up to be even better than in previous years. The convention returns to downtown Salt Lake City at the Sheraton, so it is more central for everyone’s travelling needs. The Sheraton’s beautiful decor fits well with the convention’s motif, promising an even more enjoyable experience. This year promises even more Nerf Battle events for the battle-minded. And the Immersion Content will be unlike anything you have seen at any other convention. So come dressed in your steampunked best, get into character, and live the adventure at Salt City Steamfest! I hope to see you there.

Ambassador Mika’il Al Omain

Marketplace Mondays: Meet Bad Juju Designs!

Accessories are to Steampunk as gears to a clock and Julie with Bad Juju Designs is working around the clock to ensure that she brings some of the most inspiration and exciting accessories she can to Salt City Steamfest, 2014! We asked Miss Julie a few questions to get to know her better as this Monday’s Marketplace feature!

il_570xN.569237696_9b9aVendor Questionnaire (from Julie Vigil – Bad JuJu Designs)

1.  What is it about Steampunk that sparks your passion/creativity?

It seems like old and new can come together into awesome creations. It’s kind of an “anything goes” feel.

2.  Do you feel Steampunk has had a major impact on you as a vendor?

Yes, I learned of Steampunk and was captivated! I immediately started to create steampunk inspired jewelry. I had never really been creative and I had never ever sold anything.

3.  When did you first hear about Steampunk and what keeps you involved?

It was the summer of 2012, I saw something about Steampunk on “Oddities” a tv show on the Science Channel and I goggled it to find out more about it. I had seriously never heard the term. I was hooked! A month later and I was selling my creations at my first farmers market. I jumped in with both feet!

4.  Is this the first year you have been a vendor? If not what was your favorite part about last years event?

First year vending at this event.

5.  If you could choose one thing about Steampunk that you absolutely love, what would it be?

The fashion/costumes/characters!

6.  What was it about Steamfest that made you decide to participate as a vendor?

I met some people that loved my creations and suggested I be a vendor. Up to that point I wasn’t sure if what I created was “up to par” with Steamfest – but they convinced me to give it a shot.

7.  What makes you “unique” as a Steamfest vendor?

Not sure….I’m the odd ball rookie. I’m way new to this and I’m coming into it all bright eyed with no preconceived notions. Fresh off the turnip truck, so to speak.

8.  What are you looking forward to the most at this years Steamfest?

Everything! I can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes and other vendors wares.

9.  What can patrons expect from your booth as a vendor?il_570xN.569229312_779l

Legit handmade items. I may purchase pieces but I always alter them before I sell them. I am not really into just “re-selling”….although I do have a few items that plan to sell at this event that fall into that category (hope that is ok).

10.  What else do you have to say about yourself and your wares?

I love creating my take on Steampunk and you can see my wares on my Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WannabeBadJuJu

Wonders From The Ӕther: A Steampunk Science Fair

Come one, come all! Show the world the wonders of your dreams and the worlds of the beyond!

Salt City will be holding a fair of the incredulous, and you are invited to join in the amazement of it all. Put your minds to work, or summon the mists of the Ӕther, and bring to life that which only you can imagine. All creations will be place on exhibit within the great confines of the magnificent floating citadel of Salt City for all to bear witness. There shall be judging of each creation to identify those which are the most imaginative, useful or other-worldly of all. Pre-selected judges, lead by none other than the Grand Artificer himself, shall choose the top inventions in each category (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Children Apprentices). Additionally, we will ask all Avid Adventurers to help select the Adventurer Choice Award for each category.

Entries into the fair will belong to one of four categories, as mentioned above.

  • Beginners are those who are tapping into the Ӕther for the very first time, testing their hands in the fine craft.
  • Intermediate Inventors are those who have crafted before, perhaps create items with some small functionality or moving part.
  • Advanced Inventors wish to prove Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were novices in the art!
  • Children Apprentices are to encourage the younger generation to try their hands in the craft, draw out those who wish to be the future Artificers of the Great Salt City!

To submit an entry, please email the Science Fair Director with your intent to participate and approximate level to which you shall be entering your invention. The actual invention does not need to exist at this point (you have time to be creative). Once entry has been submitted, a receipt email will be returned, usually within 3-4 business days of submission.

As we draw closer to the event, in April, a form will be sent to all participants, requesting details pertaining to your invention, such as name, description and purpose. This will be displayed along with your invention at the event for others to read and enjoy as they imagine your creation in use.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Science Fair Director at madscience@saltcitysteamfest.com and we would be happy to assist you. Please be as detailed as possible in your correspondence.

Until then, be safe in your travels within the Ӕther, and may the mists wash over you as your creativity comes to life!

2014 Panel Information

Panels. The side-dish of any convention. Here at Steamfest the panels are meant to be a source for a sharing of knowledge about the many mysteries of the Steampunk culture. Panels are run by volunteers, maybe even you, who have some knowledge they wish to share. Each panel at Steamfest will be connected to Steampunk in some way, whether it is speaking of Steampunk itself, the Victorian time period, or an art-form that is often used in Steampunk such as writing or costuming.

To run a panel there are several necessary steps that must be fulfilled. The most important step is getting a panel application filled out. These applications are necessary for the figuring out of the panel details, like time, descriptions to be posted, and who all will be participating. It is also important to note that this time around it is required, except for special situations, for there to be more than one panelist per panel. This is to help ensure that there are no panels dropped in the event of an individual not being able to attend. It is also required that you preregister for Steamfest. Your panel submission will not be accepted until this is done. This is to ensure that you will actually be able to attend Steamfest in order to be on your panel.

The panel application form is an online form. If you wish to be on a panel fill one out and submit it. Please fill it out as thoroughly as possible, but please don’t add any unnecessary information. The other box at the bottom of the form is also important. Please use it to explain anything you are unable to find a specific spot for on the form, such as if you haven’t registered at the time of submitting the form it may be a good idea to put a reason for this and maybe a time frame. With the panels having multiple panelists if you feel you would be best suited as a monitor or the official host of the panel, or if it’s the opposite and you’d rather someone else fill that position again use the other box to state this.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments related to panels please contact me at: panels@saltcitysteamfest.com. I will do my best to get back to you within 3-4 business days. Those who submit a panel will receive a notice of receipt within a week of receipt of the application, however acceptance of the panel will be more delayed pending receipt of other panel submissions, need for more panelists on the panel, and/or decisions regarding panel scheduling. You will be notified if your panel is accepted no later than June 1st 2014. Panelists will be notified of their tentative place in the schedule by July 1st 2014. They will then be notified of the final schedule time July 26th 2014 (as long as we are able to complete the schedule by that time).

Visit the panels page to register!